Livewire site contains explicit documentation or data for survey or downloading.


The user will give exact data during the process of registration and will refresh as this data changes over the long run immediately. The user ought to guarantee that the User Data isn’t opened by any outsider (third party).

Livewire maintains whatever authority is needed to deny registration and is qualified for, any time, and without commitment to give reasons, to deny the clients the option to get to the secret phrase safeguarded region by obstructing its User Data, if the client, specifically

  1. Uses misleading information or incorrect data during enrollment.
  2. Abuses the Terms of Use or any appropriate regulations or ignores its obligation of care as to User Data.
  3. Didn’t involve the Livewire site for a more drawn-out period.


While utilizing the Livewire site, the user will not

  1. Break public profound quality in its way of purpose.
  2. Abuse any intellectual property right.
  3. Convey spontaneous messages (supposed “Spam”) or incorrect admonition infections.
  4. Transfer any content containing a virus, the purported Trojan horse.


For collection, use, and handling of the personally recognizable information of the user of the Livewire site, Livewire will conform to appropriate regulations on information security insurance and the Livewire Data Privacy strategy.